Sales of high quality graphite electrodes

UHP Graphite Electrodes for the production of metals such as steel, iron, phosphorus and silicon.

Graphite electrodes are used in electric arc furnace (EAF) as well as ladle furnace (LF) in steel manufacturing plants. Graphite electrodes can provide high levels of electrical conductivity and capability of sustaining the extremely high levels of generated heat. Graphite electrodes are also used in gouging operations such as in the forming of a bevel or groove, removing defects in casting or weldments by an arc or gas process. Graphite electrodes are selected based on some of the following application considerations:

  • Type (RP, HP, UHP)
  • Size (Diameter and Length)
  • Nipple Type (3 or 4 threads per inch)
  • Furnace technical details
  • Transformer technical details
  • Operating conditions
  • Power

We are a reliable supplier of world class UHP Graphite Electrodes